On behalf of the executive committee, I would like to welcome you to the official homepage of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (South Australia) Incorporated!

Since its foundation in 1976, IPSC has spread to over 100 countries including Australia, with SA in particular having 20 affiliated clubs, over 300 elite competitors and many hundreds more competing at club level.

SA also had the privilege of hosting the 2016 IPSC National Handgun Championships at Southern Vales Practical Shooting League, which was also the 40th anniversary of IPSC in Australia. It was a record breaking event for an Australian Nationals with over 400 competitors.

Through the site you will be able to find information regarding our non-for-profit organisation from links to affiliated clubs to the contact information of our executive team, in case you have any questions. The page is updated regularly by our webmaster Kip with STICs match results and other news to keep you up to date. Keep an eye on the calendar on the right so you never miss out on a level II or Level III match.

Also, a thank you to our sponsors for their assistance in maintaining our organisation

”Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas”