IPSC SA COVID-19 Update Tuesday 20th March

Currently we are experiencing an unprecedented event in Australia with the pandemic event of Covid-19.

The executive of SVPSL and IPSC are currently monitoring advice from health professionals and will make decisions in what we believe will be best for the health safety and welfare of our members.

Currently we do not see a requirement to cancel our club level matches.  What we do advise is to take your personal health into account and make decisions based on the advice from Health Authorities. 

For those who do choose to attend the club we ask you to ensure you take the necessary precautions which include hand washing.  We will ensure there is adequate hand washing facilities for members. 

If you are of any age and currently sick for the benefit of all members, please stay home till you are well again.

To keep up to date on health advice click on the link below.


Look after yourselves and each other and hopefully we can all be back shooting soon.



IPSC South Australia